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Belvyna Global Nigeria Limited

Agricultural Consultancy Services
Strategic Planning and Research . Project Management

What We Do

About Us

We are an Agricultural Consultancy firm with interest in providing production, management and financial advisory services to entrepreneurs that want to establish micro, small, medium and large scale agricultural projects along the agricultural value chain.

Our Mission

To be the reference website for farmers and agriculturists on prospects of accessing finance for the development of agricultural projects in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Why We Exist

We had observed that several people want to engage in agriculture as a business entity and take it up as a source of living

Our Services

  • Preparation of feasibility studies for agricultural projects along the value chain
  • Project evaluation and monitoring for clients
  • Knowledge sharing and extension service provision for clients

Contact Us

Tel:+2348178823322, +2348078694440
E-Mail: info@belvynaglobal.com

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Agricultural Consultancy Services | Strategic Planning and Research | Project Management