About US

Welcome to Belvyna Global Nigeria Limited website.

We are an Agricultural Consultancy firm with interest in providing production, management and financial advisory services to entrepreneurs that want to establish micro, small, medium and large scale agricultural projects along the agricultural value chain.
The firm facilitates training for farmers that need to finance the expansion of their projects by sourcing for credit from financial institutions.

We are an Agricultural Development company with interest in the industrial and agricultural sectors of the economy.

  • We had observed that there is a knowledge gap between prospective investors and the project types they want to invest in.

Our drive is to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge by

  • Creating the forum for investors to acquire practical knowledge on the enterprises they want to invest in along the agricultural value chainFinance by organizing training workshops for entrepreneurs that desire to invest in the sector.

The training workshops provide both material content and practical training on all aspects of agriculture namely livestock production – poultry, cattle, sheep and goat, , arable crops, tree crops and  fishery.

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