Cultivating the Next Generation of Nigerian Farmers


On passing my Higher School Certificate exams with good grades in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, I went to the University of Ibadan to seek for admission into a science course, my elder sister who was by then a qualified medical doctor was prodding me to do Medicine.

I was reluctant. I went to all the faculty admission desks and when I got to the Faculty of Agric desk, the admission’s officer explained in detail all the courses I could major in. I was made to understand that I would do all the courses, then major in one course in my final year. That course is what I would register for. I opted for Agricultural Economics.

While in UI, I did so much farm work and I really enjoyed it.

The big lesson is this- Farming is hard work. It always has been. No one understands that more than those giving their all, sunrise to sunset, cultivating the land, rearing livestock on grazing lands, commercial poultry production, managing fish farms, green houses, crop plantations, and so many more

Today, farmers face a vast new set of challenges when it comes to meeting the demands of our world. Driven by new technologies and scientific advancements, farmers are unable to meet the demand for food. Is that right? The distribution of food is inequitable. More regions of the world have more food than others. The developed countries have the technology, while the developing world is still lagging behind.

However, meeting the world needs the next generation for new ideas, enthusiasm and energy.

The agriculture industry needs talented, driven and passionate young people willing to make a commitment to agriculture, especially with a growing population and the subsequent need to feed an estimated 9 billion people by the year 2050.

Agriculture is more than just farming—it’s thousands of careers in a variety of fields, including plant science, engineering, communications, finance, and much more

Nigerian universities turn out thousands of Agric graduates yearly, but many do not end up on farms. They seek white collar office jobs.

Nigeria needs a new generation of agricultural graduates who will be capable of great things and there is no telling what their future holds. Their future will be very bright.

Government at all levels must create an enabling environment for them to proper. The policy must be workable and implementable. The finance must be appropriately priced (single digit interest rate). Nigeria needs passionate Youthful farmers and we should start by igniting a passion for agriculture through education, to help our farmers feed, clothe, and fuel our world.


The Farmer is King……..Food sufficiency…..Nigeria Will get there

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Mrs. Yemisi Akibu ( nee Awokoya) is the Chief Executive Officer of Belvyna Global, an agricultural consultancy service firm based in Lagos, Nigeria She is a former Team Member of the Agricultural Department of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, one of Nigeria's first generation banks. She holds a B.Sc degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and a Masters degree in National Development and Project Planning from the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She is passionate about the role agriculture plays in the social, economic, political development of a nation. She holds the view that one of the pillars of stability of a nation food security and this can only be achieved through the holistic development of the agricultural sector. She can be contacted via: or Remember, The Farmer Is King Enjoy my blog

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