Nigerian Music Star D’Banj appointed ambassador for NAGROPRENEURS Agricultural Initiative

Nigerian Music Star D’Banj appointed ambassador for NAGROPRENEURS Agricultural Initiative

Nigeria’s popular musician and song writer,  Dapo Oyebanjo, a.k.a. “D’Banj” the Koko Master,  has been named Nagropreneurs ambassador as part of the Nigerian Agricultural Entrepreneurs initiative. This initiative is designed to attract youths to get involved in agricultural projects.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development,  Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina announced this as he highlighted government strategies to encourage youth adoption of agriculture.

“I will want D’banj to be the Ambassador for Nagroprenuers and to help communicate this initiative to youths,” Adesina said. According to him, it was important to change the demographics of people involved in farming, as most farmers in Nigeria are 60 years and above.

Beneficiaries of the initiative would be secondary school leavers and graduates who will be supported with equipment, funds and land, the minister outlined.

In his response, D’banj said he was “proud to be the ambassador to champion this move of youth involvement in agriculture.” He compared the sector to the music industry, concluding that  both industries were not seen as profitable or productive in the past, but the success story of Nigeria’s music industry can be replicated in Agriculture.
“Let the youths be aware that if we don’t focus on agriculture, we may end up dying of hunger,” he added.

The music icon, fondly referred to as the ‘koko master’, also said that in commitment to the initiative and partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, he was ready to establish a farm which will be known as the “Koko Farms” with him as the “Koko farmer”.

This is not the first time the music icon will be involved in championing agricultural development in Africa. In January 2014,  D’banj launched a song “Do Agric, It pays,” in Addis Ababa at the AU Summit.

The song was launched as part of a South Africa based Civil Society Organisation “The ONE “campaign effort to urge and encourage political leaders to adopt sound and people friendly policies that would boost agricultural productivity, increase incomes and reduce poverty. The aim was also to urge African leaders to commit 10% of their national budgets to agriculture.

“I want Africans to know that farming is not only the foundation of the economy, but also that farming is cool. I believe that, if the needed attention is given to agriculture, we Africans will not only feed ourselves, but also the rest of the world”

D’Banj is proudly welcome to the world of farming.

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