Seventy Million-dollar project to enhance food security launched in Accra


A 70-million dollar Africa Lead II project was launched in Accra to strengthen African leaders and institutions at the forefront of increased agricultural productivity and food security.

The project is aimed at promoting policy and capacity building programmes which is being funded by United States International Development (USAID).

Africa Lead II project builds on the success of the Africa Lead I project, which ran from 2010 to 2013, and continues to provide targeted assistance to support and advance the African-led agricultural transformation as proposed by the African Union Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development programme (CAADP).

The five-year programme forms part of USAID’s capacity building programme in sub- Saharan Africa and works to help realize Feed the Future (FTF) goals of reducing hunger and poverty by building the capacity of African agriculture professionals, institutions and stakeholders to develop, lead and manage the structures needed for the transformation process.


The project was organized into three strategic areas of

1. Interventions, improving effectiveness of institutional architecture for agricultural transformation

2. Strengthening capacity to manage the policy change and alignment process; and

3. Promoting the effective participation of Non-State Actors.


Mr Jeff Hill, USAID Bureau for Food Security, said the programme was to build on the experience of the first one to ensure that people had the essential tools to facilitate the goals of the project.

Mr Hill acknowledged the achievements of Africa Lead in helping to realize expectations in Ghana and said he looked forward for better collaborations and initiatives.

Mr Bradley Wallach, Acting Director of USAID West Africa Mission, congratulated the partners for their efforts to partner with Africa to build a strong agricultural base to improve food security in Africa. He announced that they had introduced new approaches to capacity building to strengthen institutions to achieve inclusive economic growth and food security.

The launch of “Africa Lead II” was timely as the year 2014 was declared by the AU as “AU year of Agriculture and Food Security.

“The year also coincided with the Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of CAADP that will lead us to review the progress made by CAADP during the past decade and identify the next actions to improve the delivery of the African Agricultural Transformation Agenda.


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Mrs. Yemisi Akibu ( nee Awokoya) is the Chief Executive Officer of Belvyna Global, an agricultural consultancy service firm based in Lagos, Nigeria She is a former Team Member of the Agricultural Department of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, one of Nigeria's first generation banks. She holds a B.Sc degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and a Masters degree in National Development and Project Planning from the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She is passionate about the role agriculture plays in the social, economic, political development of a nation. She holds the view that one of the pillars of stability of a nation food security and this can only be achieved through the holistic development of the agricultural sector. She can be contacted via: or Remember, The Farmer Is King Enjoy my blog

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