What We Do



A country that cannot feed a growing population is not an independent country. It is a colonized by food insecurity and poverty.

How can such a country develop its economy.? First it must develop and feed all its people. Food sufficiency is a development goal that must be achieved.

Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is life. Knowledge must be shared and disseminated as made available and as required.

The Prime mover of Belvyna Nigeria Ltd has been involved in the agricultural finance sector in one of Nigeria’s largest first generation banks for over two decades and the experience and lessons acquired over the years informed this website.

This is why we are here to

  • Educate by creating awareness for farmers
  • Inform by creating awareness for all investors and farmers alike
  • Encourage investment in agriculture along the Value Chain
  • Team up with international organizations in Africa especially the African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA) in capacity building exposure visits for interested entrepreneurs.
  • Organize training program for “Would be Investors” in Agriculture.

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