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Belvyna Global has the pleasure of featuring Zephyr Gardens and Landscape. This is the first in our series on Passion to Portfolio & Profit.

This is a horticultural project based in Asaba, Delta State Nigeria. The Prime mover is Mrs. Patricia Okafor a retired Principal who is not tired of following her passion which is growing different flowers to beautify the environment.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Patricia Okafor recently. Please read on.

Belvyna Global: Nice to have this brief discussion with you. We would like to know when your love for flowers began.


Patricia Okafor: My love for flowers dates back to my childhood days. I have always loved flowers and a green and healthy environment. I used to grow a lot of flowers and vegetables in our compound at home in Jos in the then Benue Plateau State. This continued until I got married and I was living in the Staff Quarters in the University of Ibadan. Our house then had a big compound and this gave me the opportunity to plant several flower species and also do the landscaping of the compound.

Belvyna Global: How did you dispose of the flowers in your compound while you lived in the University of Ibadan campus?

Patricia Okafor: A good friend suggested I take flowers to the church on Saturdays to decorate the altar for the Sunday services. I did this for many years. I derived a lot of joy rendering this service to the house of God. 

Belvyna Global: Did it occur to you at any time to commercialize this passion?

Patricia Okafor: I’ll say Yes and No. When I was in full time employment with the Oyo State Teaching Service Commission, I didn’t have the time for any commercialization as I was very busy until I retired as a Principal.

I couldn’t commercialize my passion then. But I used to make flower arrangements for conferences whenever friends made requests. I also did bouquets; in fact my first sets of wedding bouquets were for my friend’s daughters. I also made wreaths for bereaved families and undertakers.

 Belvyna Global: What have you been up to since you retired from teaching profession?

Patricia Okafor: Upon retirement, I relocated to our country home in Asaba, Delta State where I am able to spread my wings in the development of my flower business. My first duty anywhere I find myself is to first beautify the Altar for the Sunday Services. The flower arrangements last for a week and I replace the bouquets every Saturday for the Sunday service.

I now operate the flower and landscape business on as a small scale enterprise in Asaba. I have grown new species of flowers in my compound. Furthermore, in order to earn more income, I make bouquets and wreaths for funeral homes and undertakers.

I also provide floral arrangements for some private homes. The arrangements may last for a week or more. We are open to long term arrangements for such private homes and not just when they have a big event like a wedding, meeting, naming ceremony or funeral coming up. Flowers must be utilized as soon as they are mature otherwise, they would fall off on maturity and all your effort is wasted.

 Belvyna Global: How can potential customers contact your company?

 Patricia Okafor: Zephyr Gardens and Landscape can be reached on +234 802 3080 921. Email: triciaokafor@yahoo.com.

Belvyna Global: Thank you very much for your time.

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