Theme: Propelling Economic Development through Functional Agricultural Value Chain Financing Models.

The African Regional and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA) in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria, West-African sub-regional Chair- Union Bank of Nigeria, and other members of the Nigerian Chapter, is organizing a three day International Conference for financial and non-financial institutions involved in promoting rural and agricultural finance in the continent.

The conference, which will come up from the 25th to 28th February, 2014 is to

1.  Foster awareness

2.  Knowledge sharing

3. Networking and

4. Skill development among bankers, farmers and policy makers on best practices in value chain finance and emerging opportunities along the agricultural value chain.


The conference will attract participants from

–  Agricultural Credit Associations

– International Donor Agencies &

– Development Finance Institutions all over the world.

Over  150 delegates are expected while resource persons who are versed in various functional value chain models will deliver papers.

Apart from being an invaluable forum for experience sharing on new innovations on agricultural financing models, the conference promises to provide the following benefits;

1.    Enhanced understanding of the role of agricultural finance in enabling smallholder-inclusive agricultural growth.


2.    Increased awareness on the existence of tools which have proven in certain countries to have a paradigm-shifting impact on agricultural finance.

3.    Increased awareness on potential for all value chain stakeholders to benefit greatly from innovations in agricultural finance.

4.    Increased awareness of policy makers on the way that policies, rules and regulations affect availability of and access to finance, and thus, the growth opportunities for agricultural sectors and (intra-regional) agricultural trade.

5.    New partnerships will be recognised and forged amongst organisations involved in agricultural finance leading to new activities and projects.

6.    Expertise will be harnessed by organising and participating entities to reinforce their work in the domain of value chain agricultural finance.

It is envisaged that lessons learnt will impact positively on agricultural development along the value chain. Food sufficiency and food security will be the order of the day as the quantity and quality of food produced will increase overwhelmed the shortest period of time.


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Mrs. Yemisi Akibu ( nee Awokoya) is the Chief Executive Officer of Belvyna Global, an agricultural consultancy service firm based in Lagos, Nigeria She is a former Team Member of the Agricultural Department of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, one of Nigeria's first generation banks. She holds a B.Sc degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and a Masters degree in National Development and Project Planning from the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She is passionate about the role agriculture plays in the social, economic, political development of a nation. She holds the view that one of the pillars of stability of a nation food security and this can only be achieved through the holistic development of the agricultural sector. She can be contacted via: or Remember, The Farmer Is King Enjoy my blog

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