NAFDAC Warns Against Consumption of Imported frozen Chicken and Turkey


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For over a decade, the Nigerian health authorities had warned against the consumption of frozen Poultry products (Chicken and Turkey) smuggled/imported into the country. The importation of the product was banned, but unscrupulous business men still bring it into the country.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has come out to strongly warn against the consumption of imported or smuggled frozen poultry. NAFDAC warned that the imported poultry (frozen Chicken and Turkey) have been discovered to be causative factor in non- communicable diseases (NCDs) and antibiotics resistance.

NAFDAC also warned that the poultry products have been found to contain substances that can predispose a person to kidney, liver and lung diseases as well as certain types of cancers and drug resistance bacterial infections.

Even though the importation of frozen chicken, turkey  and all other poultry meat like gizzard, neck, wings, drumsticks and assorted chicken parts have been banned, the products still find their way into the Nigerian market to the delight of consumers.

Dr Tewe, a Nutritional toxicologist from the University of Ibadan said the analysed smuggled poultry food were found to be unsafe for consumption as they can damage the human system on the long run. However, locally produced chicken products have been found to be safe for human consumption.

Belvyna Global is of the opinion that there should more enlightenment of the people using both the print and electronic media as a viable and effective platform to disseminate this very important information.

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