Our Services


1. Preparation of feasibility studies for agricultural projects and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) along the agric value chain

2.  Conferring with Clients to gain proper understanding of their business needs and technical requirements.

3. Assisting clients to establish structures on their projects for Production, Management, Financial and Marketing activities.

4. Train clients on the institutionalization of good RECORD keeping on all aspects of project performance for continuous evaluation and monitoring purposes.

5. Provision of Support and advisory services to projects along the agriculture value chain on the following specific areas

  • Business planning
  • Farm and Project Layout
  • Access to inputs – Seeds, Fertilizer and Agro chemicals – herbicides and pesticides

6. How to apply for Loan successfully from a financial Institution (Bank) – loan documentation as required by Banks

7. Organization of training programs for Mono and Multi- purpose Cooperative societies on financial management of cooperatives financial resources.

  • New agronomic practices for crops especially Cassava, Maize, Soya beans, Assorted Vegetables
  • Livestock production (POULTRY)
  • Fish rearing (aquaculture)
  • Off farm entrepreneurial activities such as Sewing, Knitting, Bead making, Adire (tye & dye) etc.

8. Knowledge sharing and extension service provision for clients

9. Organize training and presentation for farm/project workers on improved production methods.

10. Collection and analysis of data on – production, crop yields, disease outbreaks and financial reports to measure project performance.

11. Assist Clients in accessing laboratory services in order to ensure full bio-security measures are in place on a farm.

12. Organize and conduct field trials, market surveys, environmental/disease control and farm auditing, soil analysis

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