Update on Zephyr Gardens and Landscape, Asaba, Delta State

Belvyna Global has the pleasure of featuring Zephyr Gardens and Landscape once more. This is a horticultural garden project based in Asaba, Delta State Nigeria. The Prime mover is Mrs. Patricia Okafor a retired Principal who is not tired of following her passion which is growing different flowers to beautify the environment.

Her flowers have beautified the event centers and halls where many conferences, seminars and receptions of various events such as weddings, naming ceremonies and birthday parties are held. She decorates the altar of her Church with fresh flowers every Saturday in readiness for the Sunday services.

We caught up with the Prime mover Mrs. Patricia Okafor recently for a brief chat.

Belvyna Global: How is the rainy season affecting your garden in Asaba?

Patricia Okafor: The rains and showers are very welcome after the dry, scorching weather. The flowers start blooming, are happy and dancing again. No matter how much watering is done, there is nothing like showers from above…However; heavy, windy thunderstorms cause some damage to the flowers. We try to get around this by staking the tall plants in order to support them.

Belvyna Global: Are you able to meet the demands of your customers?

Patricia Okafor: Even though the garden is now picking up with the advent of the rains, we are still unable to meet the demands of our numerous customers. We source and get deliveries of fresh flowers from Lagos as and when necessary. I used to live in Ibadan and upon retirement, I moved to Asaba. I had to relocate most of my flowers as well and I replanted them in Asaba. Most of them are now doing well and many of the young ones are yet to flower.

Belvyna Global: How is the import of fresh flowers impacting on your garden?

Patricia Okafor: Actually no effect for now. We generally can’t produce all species of flowers in our country. Since bridal bouquets are a delight for me, I usually source for imported Roses and Carnations as I don’t have these two flowers in my garden.

Belvyna Global: How can potential customers contact your company?

Patricia Okafor: Zephyr Gardens and Landscape can be reached on +234 802 3080 921. Email: triciaokafor@yahoo.com.

Belvyna Global: It has been a pleasure talking with you again. Thanks.

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